Intelligence for Tomorrow, TODAY!

Build your Future in the new technologies

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Intelligence for Tomorrow, TODAY!

Build your Future in the new technologies

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Intelligence for Tomorrow, TODAY!

Build your Future in the new technologies

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Artificial Intelligence Training

About Integrum Litera,

Just like our name suggests we are an all-encompassing Learning Solutions for some of the most trending technologies in the market today like Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Robotics & Automation technologies. We empower students by providing them knowledge through comprehensive training and coaching and enabling them to apply the learning and bring to fruition their talents in chosen fields, and bag sterling competent jobs in the market. Come join Artificial Intelligence Training by Integrum Litera accredited to AICRA (All India Council for Robotics & Automation) and let us help you realize your dreams!


Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the emerging future technology which will take the world by storm. We at Integrumlitera provide you the Best Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad. From advanced search options to high end robotic development, from advanced medical facilities to computerization in vehicles, AI is all set to embrace technology. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but an era of computer science where it gives out a significance to a procedure where intelligent machines can be worked so that they respond as like humans. Artificial intelligence training will provide effective solutions for medical, client assistance, automation and other related areas. Additionally, there are plenty of openings to work for AI in different areas as compared to other positions. Learning AI, will not only help you understand and learn advanced AI concepts but will also enable you to adopt a logical approach towards building real life solutions.

According to the current industry standards, Integrum Litera provides you the best online training for Artificial Intelligence in Hyderabad which empowers students to land their dream jobs in top organizations of the world.The course curriculum has been designed by technology specialists such that it gives in-depth knowledge of all the modules of Artificial Intelligence ranging from basic to advanced level. While collaborating with AI experts, we bring together the advanced teaching methodologies and tools to educate the students. Our training program helps the students to learn AI at a professional level and get certified. Our dedicated and intensive learning program also encourages the students to investigate the high profile jobs in various industries. We motivate our students to have a Hands on experience and practically conduct every topic discussed during the sessions conducted by our corporate specialists  for a superior comprehension of the real world scenarios. This also imparts professionalism among students which will help them in their chosen field of work. Contact us for more details.

Our Programs

Get familiar with the most trending technologies on the planet through Integrum Litera’s most exclusive and technology-infused certification programs in Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep learning, Robotics & Automation technologies.

Classroom Training-Integrumlitera

Classroom Training

Online Training-Integrumlitera

Online Training

Weekday Batch-Integrumlitera

Weekday Batch

Weekend Batch-Integrumlitera

Weekend Batch

Advanced Certification programs in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, R programming, Python Training and Certification programs are known for its global quality and effective placement Solutions provided. Get ready to rush into the Data science & Artificial Intelligence revolt that is renovating the world. With upcoming talent from the aspirants and the new challenging opportunities, Data Science technology countersigning unlimited applications, and Data Scientists are aggressively wanted by pretty much every other Industry.

Our Globally experienced trainers help you connect with the real time knowledge and expertise to achieve the aspirant dreams in becoming a Data Scientist. Here, at Integrum Litera – Redefined learning in AI, we have created a comprehensive state of the art Data Science Training & Artificial Intelligence Training curriculum which is very specific to the Industry needs.

Integum Litera demarcated the Curriculum 5 years ago and we keep updating the curriculum every year as per the Industry needs & requirement. Integrum Litera’s curriculum is a combination of Statistical learning & analysis, per-requisites like SQL, Excel & Tableau, Machine learning supervised & unsupervised, R programming, Python, Neural networks, Deep Learning & several Practical Issues. The curriculum is designed by integrating the theoretical & practical sessions with the help of real time Case Studies that will help the aspirants understand & connect with the above mentioned techniques and how they are put in use.

Integrum Litera’s Certification programs are carefully designed keeping Industry specific needs along with the Career & Placement Assistance activities. An average salary of the Data scientist ranges anywhere between 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs based on the individual skill set. In the Global scenario, Data scientist gets paid a minimum of 60$ per hour to a maximum of 800$ per hour. Data scientist’s Salary is usually 200-400% higher than the software engineers


Testimonial Quotes-integrumlitera

“The guidance and teaching done by them is great and help full in nature. It is one of the best institute to get live training and hands on experience.”

M Ganga Dharan, Alumni

“Very good institute for data science and voice and accent learning. They also provide certification for the courses enrolled at a very reasonable price. They have experienced training staff, they teach case studies which is easy to understand.”

Raj T, Alumni

“I have enrolled in interum litera to better my communication English. I have overcome my nervousness to speak in english and learn vocabulary and grammar structure as well. Highly recommended….”

Shubham Pandey, Alumni

“Very cooperative management and great learning environment with great trainers”

Pavitra Ganga, Employee

“Great place to learn data science & soft skills.Definitely quality education delivered and only institute in sainikpuri, secbad for data science”

Richard Johnson, Business Partner

Why Learn At Integrum Litera

  • Best in the business Faculty

  • Flexibility of Weekday and Weekend classes

  • Choice of many courses

  • Save your valuable travel time and resources by opting for online classes
  • Build your knowledge and Reputation with every successful training

Business Partners

Interview Question & Answers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the advancement of intelligence machines, thinking and working like humans. For example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning

  • Chatbots
  • Facial recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Photo and video manipulation.
  • Image tagging
  • Natural language processing
  • Sales prediction
  • Self-driving cars
  • Sentiment analysis
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