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At Integrum Litera we begin with learning in detail about Introduction to data science, overview of data science, applications of data science, skills required for a data scientists, steps involved in a data Science project, descriptive and inferential statistics, basic machine learning algorithms, advanced machine learning algorithms, time series analysis and forecasting, statistical analysis tools (R,Python & SAS), lab sessions led by professionals, hands on real time projects, exclusive placement assistance followed by mock interviews and certification.

Job Description:

Key Responsibilities:

- Takes classes for training batches of Data Science/ML

- Conduct Seminar sessions

- Big Data Science, AI, Data Science Python, Machine Learning, Machine Learning with R, Tableau

- Teach Data Science, AI, ML & NN

- Teach machine learning systems (Supervised & Unsupervised)

- Teach ML algorithms and tools

- Teach data structures, data modelling and software architecture

- Teach basic statistical analysis tools and methodologies

- Develop - Practice Exercises- and create run time

- Discuss Solutions

Qualifications and skills:

- Very good understanding of Data Science and ML Concepts

- Working experience with Live Data Science and ML Projects

- Understanding of data structures, data modelling and software architecture

- Deep knowledge of math, probability, statistics and algorithms

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